Is Earth entering a new epoch?

  1. Is Earth entering a new epoch?
    The official naming of an Anthropocene epoch would define human impact on the earth in terms of atmosphere and soil composition, producing new polymers and metal types, and the movement and decline of animal species through agriculture, colonization, …
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  3. 'Superdeep' diamonds provide new insight into earth's carbon cycle
    Researchers at the University of Bristol have discovered new insights into previously hidden parts of the earth's carbon cycle. The team found that carbon recycling extends into the deep mantle by plate subduction, but is still primarily constrained to …
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  5. Inside 'Flat Earth,' Tila Tequila's New Belief System and the Wokest
    What shape would you say Earth is? A sphere? Ha-ha, nice try. You could not be more wrong. Earth is a disc. This is according to Tila Tequila, the model, porn star, Juggalette, erstwhile Nazi, and living monument to the ancient lost culture of MySpace.
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  7. Mystery over bizarre metal balls which CRASHED into Earth
    Mystery over bizarre metal balls which CRASHED into Earth. MYSTERIOUS metal balls have came crashing down to Earth – including smashing into a house. By Sean Martin. PUBLISHED: 10:45, Fri, Jan 8, 2016 | UPDATED: 12:04, Fri, Jan 8, 2016. spce ball …




  9. Geologists Found a Rock That's 'Older Than Earth' in the Australian Outback
    Geologists working in Australia have recovered a primordial meteorite that fell to Earth this past November. Using an extensive camera system and some pretty sophisticated math, the researchers recovered the 4.5-billion-year-old rock just moments …
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  11. Scientists are studying the solid Earth to evaluate magnetic-storm hazards
    While magnetic storms are caused by variable conditions in the space weather above our heads, an accurate evaluation of the resulting hazards requires a detailed understanding of the electrical conductivity of the Earth beneath our feet. A new USGS …
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You Don’t Have Time to Mess Around if You Run a Nursing Home

As the owner of a nursing home, it is very important that our place be kept clean and tidy at all times for the sake of employees and all our clients who live there. So, if someone moves in and brings any pests with them, we have to be very careful. It happens more often than you might think. We recently had to call in a bed bug exterminator in NYC to help us get rid of those horrible little creatures.

What happened is that a lovely gentleman moved in, and he brought the pests with him. We were told by his son that his father’s place was not very clean, and while they did not see any problems with the items they helped their dad pack and bring to our facility, we soon learned we had them when the new client began itching like crazy. Read more »


Best VPS Options for Linux

I need to get another cup of coffee, because this morning has been a bit more stressful than I had anticipated, and I am too tired to deal with all of this as is. But another cup of coffee should perk me up a bit. Anyway, I have been reading about cheap VPS hosting for Linux because here at my company we are making some upgrades to the computer system that we have, and w want to make sure that we are making the best upgrades for us. We want to find cheap hosting for VPS, because we like the security that a VPS provides, but we cannot afford to spend too much money on the service.

It is always about compromise, it seems like, and that is what we are going to have to when hiring someone for our VPS hosting needs. Read more »


Low Costs for Premium Fabric

I recently picked up running in order to take charge over my health. In the past year I have had multiple issues that I knew were directly related to my sedentary lifestyle and that if I wanted to improve my health I was going to have to do something about it. I have taken steps to drastically change my diet while including a decent exercise regimen. That being said, I would clearly have to do something about getting some running shoes and Etsy customize elite socks. When it comes down to it, Nike is no doubt the best in the world when it comes to manufacturing light weight durable fabrics.

I’ve tried running in what is tantamount to generic shoes and socks but quickly discovered that I sweat a lot. Read more »


Finding Energy Rate Comparisons in Texas

I just moved to Texas, and although it is not my ideal place to live, I am going to try to make the best of it. I am not took keen on the killer bees, or the fire ants. The weather is a bit hotter than I would like as well, but I have a good job here, and so I can’t really complain that much. I was able to buy a house, should be moving in shortly. But I have been on to check out the energy rates in the state.

I must say that I was not really expecting to see so many options for electricity. Read more »


Watch What They Put on Your Nails

Before I was a nurse, I used to love to get my nails done. I would get the fake tips on the end of my nails and then they would use the powder dry filler on the top of the tips of my nails I knew that it was going to be really hard for them to stay on as I was really rough on my nails during the day. There were a lot of people that liked the way that they looked but as soon as I got to nursing school they told me that I had to get rid of them and that we could not have our nails longer than the tips of our fingers. I had no problem taking them off as it was going to be very easy for me to get rid of them and I thought that they were starting to look cheap anyway.

We were told that a few years ago a NICU had a baby with a very rare bacteria that they could not identify and before they knew it the entire NICU had the same thing. Read more »


My Daughter Lives by Herself

ADT Yard Signs: The Poor Man's Security SystemWhen my daughter moved into her first house, she asked me for a lot of advice. She is my only child, so I not only gave her the help she was looking for but I offered her some advice that she hadn’t even thought of. When I told her that I wanted her to have a security system, she thought I was being overprotective until I shared some stats with her. She was worried about how she would pay for it, but that was just until I showed her On this site, she saw that she would not only be able to get a system installed but also the monitoring services that accompany it for a very low price. Read more »


Using Suddenlink Allows My Parents to Three-in-one Service

My parents recently moved into a retirement community in our city. It is a beautiful place with many different activities for them to do. Special dinners and outings are planned each week. There are dances and get-togethers planned for the residents as well. This kept them busy for awhile, but they soon realized that they wanted some quiet relaxation time each week for themselves as well. I suggested that we look into using Suddenlink so they could have cable and bundle their phone, cable and Internet costs together so that they could have some some quiet time at home with these important services that would provide them fun.

One of the things I like about the company is that they do not force you to sign a contract to purchase any of their bundle offers. This would be perfect for my parents because they could switch to another company if they wanted to very easily without a contract. My parents have a high-definition TV, so I figured they would really enjoy watching movies with the help of HD channels. Read more »


TXU Energy Provider in Texas

After I bought a house in Texas, I naturally turned my attention to taking care of everything that prevented my family from moving into the new house. It is my first time as a home owner, and so I was kind of new to the whole scheme of things that need to get done. I have done a lot of those things, but one thing that remains, is the fact that I need to get the electricity turned on it the house. So, I have decided to visit site that has information on power companies in the area, and to try to learn a bit more about those companies, the prices that they offer, and any other details that might be relevant to my decision.

In general, I would like to sign up for a company that some sort of promotion that could save me money, when I am first starting out as a new customer with the company. That would be great, because I spent so much of the money I had saved up to go towards the down payment on the house that I bought. It is unfortunate that I did not save up more money before buying the house, but I needed to make as large of a down payment as I could reasonably afford. That will save me a good bit of money in the long run, in the form of interest paid on the mortgage that I took out on the house.

In any case, I have been looking at TXU energy for a bit, and I am very much considering using them as my electricity provider going forward. I have a few more questions about the company that I need answered though. So I am going to endeavor to figure out those answers, and then to come to a final decision on the matter.


Protecting Your Family from Crime

Home security is something that should be taken with absolute consideration whether you’re renting or own your home. With crime ever on the rise in Uniontown, I have decided it would be best to get uniontown adt services. There are not very many security services that I would trust for my home but ADT is definitely one that you can count on. I have had a lot of experience with different security service professionals and in my time with the several companies I have worked for, ADT has always managed to stand out as one that is both dependable and professional in all that they offer. Read more »


Satellite Prices Through Direct TV

I have had the same television provider for over 10 years, and I am getting sick of them. I think that they are charging me too much money for the services that I am receiving from them. That is not something that I am going to allow to stand any longer. It is really unfortunate that things have come to this, as I do not enjoy the idea of having to find another television service. After a bit of searching, I came across a site – – that seems to have information on satellite television deals.

I am curious, because I have never had a satellite television service before. Read more »


Building a Tiny Hobby Ranch

I am not quite retired, but I am not going into the office at 8 AM any longer. In fact I rarely see the city unless I have to go see a client these days. I do a lot of my business out on the golf course. At any rate I have decided that it makes sense for Emma and I to move back towards our ancestral homes. We were thinking about the price of land and the lower Tara energy rates, kind of thinking about building some sort of experimental house. I do not know if you ever seen one of these, but I know this guy who builds these ultra efficient houses that some people call Earth Ships. Read more »


Free Games on the Web

The internet provides a wide array of gaming websites. These websites supply internet users with thousands of free games that are also quite entertaining and fun to play – you can even find cheats and hacks for most games (just check out this how to hack Subway Surfers guide). Most internet users cannot resist the urge to play these fun games especially if these are for free. Many people are actually having problems on finding the right website that can provide them with the fun at the same time free games over the internet. However, this is really not that difficult. If you know where to start looking then you will definitely find to easy to locate those interesting prizes that will fit your preferences. Gaming websites can provide free online games in different categories which may suit just about any preference of the diverse types of internet users. Read more »


Leasing a New Place for Mom in Jacksonville, Florida

My mom was in the hospital in Florida. My wife and I were on the phone all of the time with her, the hospital and doctors. It would be so much easier if we could just stay there to help her through this. Mom moved to Florida to be close to her sister, but she is much older than mom and not able to care for her. My wife and I both work from home. We have our own business. There are no kids. It is just us and our dog. I looked at an ad that said click here for nice Jacksonville apartments. I took a look to see if we could afford a place for the time it would take to help her recover.

Her prognosis was good and mom was a fighter. Read more »


My Daughter Needed to Have Braces

... Lips Spread For Full View Of Shattered Front Teeth and Gum RecessionWhen I took my daughter to her first dentist, he told me that she would almost definitely need braces when she got older. She had good teeth, but they were growing very crooked. We had to wait until she was old enough, and by that time we had moved to Singapore because of a job offer my husband was given. We decided to wait until we were settled in before finding a dentist that would be able to help with her braces. About a month after moving there, I did an online search for dental braces in Singapore.

Though a lot of different results came up, there was only one that I was interested in after looking at quite a few of the dental websites. Read more »


The Gaps in Human Health

With every seasonal change comes a plethora of sicknesses that will interfere with our ability to work or go about our day to day activities while leaving us feeling miserable, weak and unhappy. Nobody enjoys being sick which is why, when I heard about long zhong tang tcm clinic in Singapore, I decided to give them a visit rather than the GP I had been visiting on such occasions. As of late I have been growing more concerned about my health in general which has lead to me look into a lot of alterantive sources of health. While I have nothing against what we know as the modern practice of health, it does very little in the sense of helping you understand your bodily or nutritional health and offers almost no guidelines in which you should follow to develop an equilibrium within you. Read more »


I Put Down a Deposit on My New Apartment

When I’m looking for a great place to live, I want to see the apartment in person before I make a decision either way. I found a great apartment online last week, so I immediately called to schedule a tour. I was really happy that the apartment complex was just a gorgeous in person as it was online. The paint was new and fresh. It looked like one of the newer places in the area. I like living in places that feel new and modern.

As we began the tour, I had to take a moment to walk next to the pool. I stuck my hand in the water and it was cool and refreshing. It felt like the perfect temperature to me. I really like swimming and I was able to imagine myself swimming laps nearly every day. Read more »


San Diego Family Psychologist, Dr. Joanne Wendt, Releases Tips to Help Misbehaving Children

Dr. Joanne Wendt, a psychologist practicing in San Diego, is providing tips to help parents raise successful, independent children. It’s never too late to correct destructive habits that might be damaging to both kids and parents.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

Many parents enter the new year aware that their children are behaving badly but unsure what’s causing this bad behavior and how to correct it. Dr. Joanne J Wendt is a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing in San Diego, who specializes in marriage and family therapy. During her 27 years of practice, Dr. Wendt has found these tips to be helpful in addressing parents’ unhealthy habits, which can lead to entitled, misbehaving children. Parents may have the best intentions, but sometimes they don’t understand the consequences of giving children whatever they want and refusing to say “no.”

1.    Parents must recognize that a child’s behavior is destructive and problematic. Often what parents perceive as the “best”—always saying “yes” to a child’s demands—doesn’t make a child happy or healthy. Dr. Wendt states, “It’s sad to say but the breakdown of the American family and children running amuck starts, in part, with well-meaning, loving parents centering their lives around their children’s wants and desires. They want to provide the very best for their kids.” Parents must recognize that a child’s behavior is unhealthy before they can begin to correct the problem.

2.    Parents must make sure they’re emotionally healthy. Parents can’t live through their children or rely on them for emotional support. Oftentimes parents spoil their children because they were deprived of things by their own parents, they want to be a “buddy” to their child, or they want to avoid conflict. But when parents behave like a child’s friend, they can’t instill their children with a sense of respect and personal responsibility.

3.    Parents must accept children’s emotional outbursts. Sometimes children will say “I hate you” or will overact when a parent simply tells them “no.” Although it may be painful to experience a child’s anger, parents are building the foundation for a child to become a happy, confident adult. This prevents children from developing a sense of entitlement. Entitled children often act out when they don’t get what they want, or they act in, becoming depressed and withdrawn.

4.    Make sure appropriate behavior and accomplishments are rewarded with praise and extra privileges, not material things. Chores don’t need to be rewarded with pay and the same is true of good grades. Children should be motivated by internal rewards of high self-worth and a giving spirit, instead of external rewards.

Dr. Wendt continues, stating, “It really comes down to maintaining an appropriate boundary between parents and their children. The parenting style that tends to be most effective is a benevolent dictatorship. Here, parents provide appropriate discipline with a lot of love and guidance and their wise decision-making is not swayed or trashed by emotional or angry pleas from their children.” Dr. Wendt’s website contains numerous parenting resources, as well as tips for creating better relationships and encouraging personal growth.

About Joanne J. Wendt, Ph.D.

Dr. Wendt is a Clinical Psychologist who for 27 years has been helping individuals, couples, and families find peace and harmony in a respectful and caring atmosphere. She specializes in relationship issues, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Wendt’s goal is to help her clients discover the strength within them to achieve their highest possible potential. Her approach to the therapeutic setting is one of optimism and great respect for an individual’s readiness to meet difficult challenges and gain a greater understanding of who he/she aspires to be. Visit her online at


Use Sustainable Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Avoid Problems with Search Engine Algorithm Updates

My Local Leads, an online lead generation company based in Maine, gives tips on how to stay ahead of the curve with local SEO and avoid falling rankings due to search engine updates.

Portland, Maine (PRWEB) September 02, 2013

There are ways to make sure that businesses are left unhindered when search engine algorithms are updated. Google is notorious for constantly updating their algorithm, the additions to their Panda and Penguin updates sending many high ranking sites reeling to the bottom of the list. Google is not alone in this practice. As they are the most widely used search engine, they also tend to get the most coverage. Other search engines including Bing and Yahoo do the same. My Local Leads is a local SEO specialist, providing services that help local businesses across the US improve their visibility, gain new clients, and get the phone to ring. What follows is some of the companys best advice on how local businesses can improve their rankings while simultaneously avoiding negative reactions to search engine algorithm updates.

Write for the readers, not the computers. When trying to improve online lead generation through organic search optimization, many businesses fall into the trap of providing low quality, keyword stuffed material. It is important not to do this. Yes, the page, article, or blog post should make use of the keyword, but that will happen naturally as valuable, insightful, or entertaining information is written for the reader. If people go to a page and get something that makes no sense or has nothing to offer, they will navigate away from the page quickly, which will hurt rankings. The search engine algorithms have gotten so advanced, they can detect the relative quality of the content by a number of different metrics and they even tell when the page is trying to fool them into believe bad content is good. Follow the basic guidelines of titles, meta descriptions, and latent semantic indexing, but the business should write for the people they want to attract or keep engaged.

Improving the user experience goes beyond the written material on a website and it is important for improving ranking and visibility. This combines a number of different disciplines including demographics research, user testing, split testing, conversion rate optimization, graphic design, appropriate use of whitespace, and using media rich content. Everything from the color and size of the font that is used to the responsiveness of mobile websites can have a major impact on the user experience. If the company provides a lackluster user experience, they will achieve lackluster results. If, however, they provide a superior user experience, they will improve rankings and search engine updates are not going to take that away of them.

It is also important to have a mixture of both timely and timeless information on a website. Older websites and pages have an edge when measured for search engine ranking. However, breaking news and time sensitive information can quickly grab impressive search engine results as well. Keep the old mixed with the new for maximum effectiveness. This means that is important that older pages and posts are periodically checked to make sure they are working and active and that updates do not kill links or destroy the formatting and presentation of the page. It also means that content should be regularly added to the site, although testing will need to be done to find the proper amount to add as either too much or too little added within specific timeframes can be detrimental.

My Local Leads helps local business with search engine optimization, website design and development, mobile marketing, and more. They can help manage a local businesses online reputation and provide valuable insight when it comes to online lead generation and customer retention.

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New Window Cleaning Service Launches in Los Angeles to Serve Both Residential, High Rise and Commercial Clients

Window Cleaning Los Angeles offers a wide range of window cleaning services and a network of specialists in home residential window cleaning, high-rise commercial window cleaning, rain gutter cleaning services and repair, glass repair and stained glass restoration.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) August 31, 2013

Window Cleaning Los Angeles is proud to announce their official launch. Although they have been in business for some time now, most of their services have been B2B and under the radar. They have recently redesigned their website and now launched a B2C solution. WCLA is happy to provide the same great quality service to a much wider audience.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles has specialists in every area of glass repair and window cleaning. Their home residential window cleaning specialists are the best in the business. Their network of specialists are highly trained to leave your windows sparkling and your home looking its best. Their network of home window cleaners are dedicated to their job and know how important it is to have clean windows. The residential window washing process uses innovative techniques that have been proven to get your windows looking their best. House window cleaning is just one area that Window Cleaning Los Angeles can help with.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles also has a network of specialists in high-rise commercial window cleaning. Their professional network of office and commercial window cleaners can climb the tallest skyscrapers and reach the hardest parts. They have an entire network just dedicated to skyscraper window cleaning. When using high-rise window cleaning techniques or commercial window techniques, their network is well trained to get the job done right. Hotel window cleaning is another area they specialize in.

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Window Cleaning Los Angeles also has rain gutter cleaning services and repair. Being up high cleaning your windows is their specialty because rain gutters are a vital part of any home and not cleaning them can lead to long-term damage. Their rain gutter cleaning service also does rain gutter repair. Rain gutter cleaners are not expensive and well worth the money because the cost of repair far outweighs the cost of cleaning.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles offers all types of glass services. They have a network that specializes in cleaning glass, a network that specializes in repairing glass, and a network of people that specialize in replacing glass. Glass gets damaged over time. Their glass repair and stained glass restoration network can help with any glass repair need. Whether it is a cracked window at home or a crack in the car windshield, they can help. They have a network of specialists in mobile auto glass repair and mobile auto glass replacement. Their mobile auto glass repair and mobile auto glass replacement network can help with car window repair, car window replacement, windshield repair, and windshield replacement. They have a network of professionals in the area of stained glass repair and stained glass restoration. Their network of professionals also specialize in window glass repair and window glass replacement as well as table glass repair, table glass replacement, replacement glass for a coffee table, patio table glass repair, and patio table glass replacement.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles services also offer services like green window cleaning and solar panel cleaning. Window Cleaning Los Angeles encourages a green environment and work continuously to employ methods that will help save the planet. Their green methods of cleaning do a great job and not only will make a house shine but also give their clients a sense of pride.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles is proud of their reputation. They encourage all clients to look and see what other clients are saying. Window Cleaning Los Angeles is the best at residential windowing cleaning, high-rise commercial window cleaning, glass repair, rain gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, table glass replacement, auto glass repair, glass replacement, and more.

For further inquiries or to test WCLAs services, please visit their website at:


Take Advantage of Free Courses

Pasma Pritlikavi špic - pomeranecStarting a new job means that you might have to go through a significant amount of training. Training that is required by your company is essential; I was always eager to jump on board with any optional or volunteer courses that they offered, as it would help me become a well rounded individual with an diverse set of knowledge and tools that I could utilize to help me further my position in the work place. It started with taking pasma courses that they asked some of us to do; true, they didn’t require them and most of the employees were not too eager to jump on board. However, I feel like it is foolish to not take advantage of free courses of any type. Knowledge is important and the more that you know, the more you will be able to improve yourself, your talents and skills. Read more »


Fixing My Credit by Buying Snow Tires

I have made some really foolish choices in the past, mostly with how I handled my money. I have learned valuable lessons from this on what to do and not to do with my money from my mistakes. Just because I have learned lessons does not mean that my credit score went from being horrible to fantastic. I knew it would take time to become trustworthy again to lenders, and I accepted those consequences. It can hurt though when I really need a cash influx, but that was just until I discovered quick cash loans.

I know a lot of people think that this can just be adding to my foolish mistakes, but it is actually brilliant on my part. Read more »


Helping a Friend Start a Business

It is going to be pretty tough for me to fit it in my schedule, but I have agreed to help a friend of mine set up shop. He is a really first rate craftsman who can do just about anything with a tool in his hand. Mostly he works as a carpenter, but he can do plumbing and electrical work as well. He is not really good at desk work and I am trying to set it up so he and his wife can do the invoices easily. If you were to visit their website you would see what this place claims they do and I am trying to figure out if it is as easy as they claim that it is. Read more »


Best Local Commercial Roof Repairs

A new building was just purchased for my business to take up expanded operation in. We had been looking to expand into another building for about the last year, and we finally found a good opportunity that worked well for us. So we took the opportunity, but the building needs some work. We are looking for local commercial roof repair in NJ and I would like to hire a company for the job soon.

We need to repair some things on the building, but as far as I am concerned, getting the roof is the first priority. Due to the nature of our business, it would be impossible to set up shop in here, with the leaks that are in the roof currently. Read more »